Dec 15, 2014

our christmas traditions

I remember when I was pregnant with Cailee my husband and I would always discuss how we wanted to raise our daughter and what traditions we wanted to share with her. We came from two different families that had different ways of celebrating holidays. Of course we wanted our children to know of these traditions but we also wanted to make new traditions together. 

When contacted me about sharing our family's Christmas traditions I practically jumped for joy because this was the first real year that our new family traditions would be introduced to our little girl.

If you haven't heard of Patience Brewster you are missing out on a beautiful gem of a company! Patience Brewster is a small one artist company that creates beautifully handmade ornaments, gifts and textiles

Now it is time to share with you all our Christmas Traditions...

| Decorating on the First of December | 

We started this tradition when Cailee was just a few months old but it holds such a special place in my heart. We start decorating for Christmas on December 1st. It is my grandpa's birthday. My grandpa passed away when I was nine years old and not a day goes by that I don't miss him. Now that I am a mommy it is so important that is memory is shared with my kiddos. He loved holidays, Halloween and Christmas being is absolute favorites. It was only fitting that we celebrate his memory by decorating for one of his favorite holidays. 

| Donating to Toy For Tots | 

We started this tradition when Cailee was one. We go to the store as a family select a toy to donate and take Cailee to an official Toy For Tots drop off location to make our donation. Now that Cailee is older she loves selecting the toy herself. We explain to her that the toy is going to a child that may not be getting a toy this holiday. 

| Making salt dough hand print ornaments | 

This tradition was started on Cailee's first Christmas. I found the idea on Pinterest and loved it so much. It is so sweet to see how much her hand print changes from year to year. We also make enough to give to the special ladies in Cailee's life (grandma and her aunties). 

| Buying a special personalized ornament |

I kid you not before I had my daughter the idea of personalized ornaments made me cringe. I was the type that needed ornaments to match. Now I just love the idea of adding to our Christmas tree special ornaments that really reflect what has happened within our family in that year. 

| Christmas Eve cookies for Santa | 

My family always opened Christmas presents on midnight of Christmas Eve. I don't really remember what we did for cookies for Santa. So my hubby and I knew for sure that we wanted our children to experience leaving cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. Since Cailee is all about Santa now this is the first year we are doing it as a family! I am so excited for this new tradition :)

| Christmas Morning | 

This is a new tradition for our little family. I can hardly wait to see Cailee's face when she wakes up on Christmas morning to see that Santa came ate all the cookies and brought her some goodies! 

As our family grows I can't wait to see what new traditions we make over the years!

And if you haven't already embraced the fun and beauty of this holiday season, I shall leave you with some eye candy from Patience Brewster!



Dec 12, 2014

five on friday

Friday is here and so is the rain! The fireplace is on, I have hot cocoa in my cup and plenty of shows to catch up with on Hulu. That is the master plan until tornado Cailee wakes up! 

Before the fun can start let's get to my Five on Friday!

| one |
Early in November we had a Disneyland day and spotted the cutest holiday decor. I resisted the urge to buy every single item in site and now I am kicking myself in the butt over it. Realistically I wasn't going to buy every single item but I really wanted the cookies for Santa dish with milk for Santa mug. I've been hearing from friends that they have been selling out of these items and since I am not sure I will make it before Christmas I am a bit bummed. There is always next year I suppose or maybe will have to make a quick trip out to Disneyland ;)

| two |
Earlier this week I was lucky enough to win a gift card to Minted via an Instagram giveaway! Surprisingly enough we have never sent out Christmas cards despite the fact that I've always wanted to just never got around to it. So the minute I found out I won we ran out and I snapped a few pictures of Cailee at the local tree farm. I was able to get some good shots and ordered our first Christmas cards ever that same night!! I couldn't be more excited. Here is one of the photos I took but didn't make the cut for the card because well, all the sad looking tree stumps in the background lol

| three |
I found the cutest free printable on Pinterest that I can't wait to get printed. This little beauty will be displayed in Charlotte's nursery :) Print can be found here

| four |
A few post back I had mentioned how I was making something special for Charlotte's nursery. Here it is...a yarn mobile!!!

It hit me one night that I really wanted to make something for the baby's room but I wasn't sure what to make. I was looking at different nurseries and the idea popped into my head that I wanted a yarn mobile. I looked all over Etsy and Pinterest and found nothing. I either found mobiles with yarn balls hanging from it or ribbon mobiles. So it clicked I set out to make my own and it came out just as I pictured it :) The pictures really don't do it any justice! 

| five |
After realizing how much fun I had making the yarn mobile, I decided to open up my own Etsy shop!! My shop is not anything fancy but it's slowly starting to come together. There is so much to learn about selling on Etsy but I am so excited about this. 

Check out my shop here !!

Most if not all yarn mobiles are fully customizable in color choice and size but I am currently working on a few that will be ready to ship!! Cailee helped me select the colors of yarn and they are so beautiful!! Can't wait to share them in the shop soon :)

Linking up with the awesome ladies(Christina, April, Darci, and Natasha) behind the Five on Friday linkup!


Dec 10, 2014

gifts for the little ones

With the help of my right hand little lady I put together some great gifts for the special little ones in your life all found on Etsy for $30 and under. If you can tell there is a wooden toy theme going on in this list! 

| one | two | three | four | five |

The personalized name puzzle is one of my favorite gifts from the bunch. Not only is it cute but can service multiple learning purposes(colors, letters, learning to spell their own name). If you aren't digging the pastel colors they sell the puzzle in primary colors as well.

The wooden toy train is just a great classic gift. 

The California wooden puzzle is the perfect gift for the California lovers you know!! The Etsy shop also makes other state puzzles :) 

The pink cloud pillow is just so pretty and was selected personally by Cailee because she has a little obsession with clouds right now. 

The Montessori waldorf wood egg and cup sorting matching game is Cailee's favorite gift from the bunch. The colors are so pretty and she could easily spend a good amount of time playing with these. 


Dec 9, 2014

cailee's big girl room

Cailee's big girl room makeover is finally complete and I couldn't be more relieved. Finally something completely checked off my mile long "to do" list. 

This is Cailee's room on move in day!

The blue is a very nice color but really made the room so gloomy.

For the record, pretty much every bedroom in our house has terrible lighting. So all the photos are lightened up a bit.

Drum roll please !!!

I present to you, Cailee's big girl room !!

Bless my hubby's heart he measured out where the hearts would be placed in no time flat. If it had been up to me those bad boys would have gone up in the most random pattern ever. 

The TV was a gift from Grandma and we used it for the first time today!

- Room color is "Seafoam Pearl" by Behr.
- Bed is the Minnen from Ikea.
- Bedding is the Naturkar from Ikea.
- Dresser is the Hemnes in white satin from Ikea.
- Bench is the Kallax shelving unit from Ikea turned on its side.
- Pillows were made by me :) 
- Kid's table and chair set is the Latt from Ikea.
- Book shelves are the Ribba picture ledge from Ikea.
- Gold frames are actually spray painted Sondrum frames from Ikea. 
- White shaggy rug was found at Walmart. 
- Pink wall flower lamp is from Ikea.

Cailee's room came out exactly how I wanted it too and most importantly she loves this little space of hers.

Now on to Charlotte's room...


Dec 8, 2014

my post baby must haves

The title is pretty self explanatory. 

I created this little list at around 5 am when I was wide awake and ridiculously bored. 

The hubby and little one were sound asleep and all I had to keep me company were my thoughts.

Thoughts that lead me to think about all the things I can't wait to eat and drink once baby girl is born. 

In moderation of course because I plan on breastfeeding. 

Iced Black Tea because its been years since I drank one it just sounds so delicious
Iced Green Tea Latte because my sister in law mentioned it the other day and haven't been able to stop thinking about it
Turkey Sandwich because cold cuts are a big no no during pregnancy and I've been jealous of hubby being able to eat them
Sushi because its one of my favorite foods and there is a sushi restaurant down the street from our house that I have been yelp stalking since we moved in
Wine because on the those rough days once the baby goes to bed and you just want to sit and relax with a glass of wine and a good movie
Coffee because coffee makes mornings that much better
Coca Cola because its just the best

What was on/is on your post baby must have list?!

Thanks for humoring this pregnant lady and her oh so very random post :)


Dec 7, 2014

thirty weeks

Baby is about the size of a summer cantaloupe !!!

| how far along | 30 weeks and 1 day
gender | It's a GIRL !!!
weight gain | I am at 126 lbs which means I have gained a total of 12lbs. 
maternity clothes | Absolutely!!! It is all I wear now and I am so glad they are so comfortable. 
stretch marks | No new ones but my skin is getting a little on the itchy side so I am lathering in my belly balm. 
belly button in or out | Officially an outie and it feels so weird! 
sleep | In one word = SUCKS!!! I wake up during the night because I am not comfortable or have to pee. The other night I woke up at 4:30am and couldn't go back to sleep. It was torture!
best moment of the week | Hitting 30 weeks and realizing that in 7 short weeks baby will be full term which means she could come at anytime. So nerve wrecking and exciting all at the same time.  
miss anything | Sushi, wine, coffee, and walking like a normal person (yep I am officially doing the pregnancy waddle).
movement | Yes! The other night she moved so much it scared the hubby a little. Poor guy was getting so nervous and asked me to lay on my left side lol! I reassured him that there is no such thing as too much fetal movement.
cravings | I wish I was craving vegetables but no I am craving cookies, lucky charms, milk shakes and ice creams. I am doing my best to avoid eating these items but I did buy a pack of cookies at the market yesterday ;) Indulging once in a while is a good thing :)
looking forward to | Finishing up some goodies I am making for baby Charlotte's room :) 
| crazy hormone moment of the week | On Saturday we went to support our nephew at a wrestling tournament. My nephew is a high school freshman on the Varsity Team (totally bragging but in all honesty he works so ridiculously hard and is such a great kid) and he was up against an older kid. My nephew was winning and the other kid was getting pissed so he in return started playing dirty. Ultimately my nephew won but let his emotions get the best of him and was clearly upset that this kid was playing as dirty as he was. I saw my nephew so upset and the tears just started. I couldn't help myself you would have thought I just got my butt kicked. Needless to say hormones won!


Dec 6, 2014

gifts for her

With the holidays just around the corner I am sure you are all on the search for the perfect gift. I put together some great gifts for the special women in your life all found on Etsy for $30 and under.

one | two | three | four | five

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