Dec 31, 2014

best of 2014 {blog edition}

With 2014 coming to an end in just a few hours, I figured what better way to celebrate than to look back at the top ten most viewed posts of the year!

So here you have it, are top ten most viewed post of 2014...

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| two |

| three |

| four |

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| six |

| seven |

| eight |

| nine |

| ten |


Dec 26, 2014

our christmas

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Our Christmas time was divided between both our families and we had the best time.

On Christmas Eve we spent the night at my mom's house and Cailee was completely beside herself with all the gifts she received. Year after year I tell my family she really doesn't need that many toys but there is no stopping my Mom and Sister from spoiling the little ones. 

We got home just in time to bake some cookies for Santa, watch a little of How the Grinch stole Christmas, and read a few Christmas books. 

This was the best photo we could get, with our 3 yr old that just wanted to play with her cousins instead of taking photos with mommy and daddy!

Christmas morning at our home was pretty calm. My sister-in-law and her family came over to exchange gifts and see Cailee get her "big" gift! 

Our little girl is not a morning person so she was a tad bit grumpy. She absolutely adored the gifts Santa brought her, which was a singing Elsa doll and Elsa dress (I am pretty sure every little girl got the same gifts this year lol). 

The big gift from mommy and daddy was received with a little bit more caution. Cailee really didn't know what to think of her car. At first she was nervous about it and then on her first test drive she drove into a bush(which she thought was hilarious). She loves it and is also scared of it at the same time. 

Another Christmas is in the books.
Our last Christmas as a family of 3!!!


Dec 24, 2014

thirty-two weeks

Merry Christmas Eve!

I am 32 weeks and our baby girl Charlotte Harper is weighing as much as a jicama (have absolutely no clue what that even is)!!!

My bump is growing and the her due date is quickly approaching. I have tons of mixed emotions going on right now. There are moments when I think gosh I want her here already. Then the next moment I am freaking out because we seriously have nothing ready yet. Its almost laughable how we planned on getting her nursery done months ago and if you were to walk into her room today you would find a crib in need of assembly. 

We are clearly in denial of how much time we really have left. 

I see so many woman on Instagram that are pregnant and due around the same time as I am and they are pretty much 100% ready for their little ones to arrive. Every time I see a photo of their completed nurseries, washed baby clothes, packed up hospital bags, and assembled baby gear, I am reminded that we literally have nothing other than a crib for the baby. The strange part is I start making a mental list of everything we have to do and then the next day I think, "nope not today, I'll tackle that list tomorrow". Clearly procrastination mode is at its finest around these parts. 

I am pretty sure I have lost many of you with this ramble. 

Long story short I am 32 weeks now.
I am feeling good...most of the time. 
Sleep is blah some nights.
I am pretty much living in my maternity leggings.
Sweets are my weakness.
I refuse to look at the scale when I am weighed at my doctors appointments.
So happy to report no new stretch marks have surfaced.
My to do list is long.


Dec 22, 2014

the short lived adventures of tinsel

Our family elf Tinsel really dropped the ball this year. Luckily for him Cailee really didn't notice one bit! Although he didn't make many appearances, the appearances he did make were all well received. 

One day dear little Tinsel brought Cailee the supplies she needed for some fun holiday arts and crafts!

We successfully completed two Pinterest inspired crafts and they came out better than expected!!!
We loved them so much we made extras to give as gifts to all the woman Cailee loves most :)

Then Tinsel brought us a beautifully overpriced (that's what dear Tinsel gets for going last minute to the store) gingerbread house to decorate!

For Cailee decorating the gingerbread house was the highlight of all the fun things Tinsel brought!

Funny gingerbread story coming your way in five, four, three, two, one...

One day when I was in the middle of doing laundry I walk into the house and see Cailee run like a bat of hell away from the gingerbread house. My first instinct was to check the gingerbread house for missing candy. Of course it was in perfect condition. So I start touching the candy and found the top candy wet. So this can really only mean one thing our 3 year old had licked the candy. 
I walk over to Cailee and ask her straight out "Did you lick the gingerbread house?" she looks at me somewhat panicked and says "no".  She was clearly lying. So I decide to trick her so I ask "Was it yummy?" and she said "YEP!".

Caught in the act!!!

I seriously couldn't stop myself from bursting into laughter.

Gotta love 3 yr olds.


Dec 18, 2014

mommy cards

If you saw my post yesterday about our Christmas cards you also know that I got carried away with the customizations. 
Well, I also got a little carried away with the other products Minted sells. 

Specifically the "mommy cards!
These cards are basically like business cards but for mommies.

I saw them while I was browsing the website and instantly knew I needed some. For what reason I don't know but oh well they were cute and I still had money left over from the gift card I had won (so why not..right?!!).

They come in this cute little box so you can just throw them into your purse or diaper bag!

Seriously how cute !?!?!

I just love seeing both of my girls names on the card!

Can't wait til I have the chance to really use these cards.

But for now I'll just sit and stare at them ;)


Dec 17, 2014

our first christmas cards...ever

After getting ridiculously lucky and winning an Instagram giveaway for a gift card to Minted, I could hardly wait for our Christmas cards to arrive. 
After all this was our first time ever sending out Christmas cards!

Creating our cards was so fun for me because the options were endless. I completely got carried away with all the extra things you could add to customize your cards even more! It was hours well spent because I just adore how they came out. 

When the cards arrived I got straight to work putting them together to mail them out the same day!

I added liners to our cards to give them an extra somethin' somethin' and boy did they really add something to our cards. Cailee loved it and thought they looked "fancy". 
The liners already came with adhesive so all I had to do was remove the seal and stick them into the envelopes. 

I also had the envelopes pre-addressed and seriously loved this option for two reasons. 1) I absolutely hate my handwriting (whenever I write on envelopes it is always off centered or lopsided). 2) Not only does it look fantastic but saved me so much time. 

Is it completely wrong of me to already be dreaming up what our cards will look like next year! 


Dec 15, 2014

our christmas traditions

I remember when I was pregnant with Cailee my husband and I would always discuss how we wanted to raise our daughter and what traditions we wanted to share with her. We came from two different families that had different ways of celebrating holidays. Of course we wanted our children to know of these traditions but we also wanted to make new traditions together. 

When contacted me about sharing our family's Christmas traditions I practically jumped for joy because this was the first real year that our new family traditions would be introduced to our little girl.

If you haven't heard of Patience Brewster you are missing out on a beautiful gem of a company! Patience Brewster is a small one artist company that creates beautifully handmade ornaments, gifts and textiles

Now it is time to share with you all our Christmas Traditions...

| Decorating on the First of December | 

We started this tradition when Cailee was just a few months old but it holds such a special place in my heart. We start decorating for Christmas on December 1st. It is my grandpa's birthday. My grandpa passed away when I was nine years old and not a day goes by that I don't miss him. Now that I am a mommy it is so important that is memory is shared with my kiddos. He loved holidays, Halloween and Christmas being is absolute favorites. It was only fitting that we celebrate his memory by decorating for one of his favorite holidays. 

| Donating to Toy For Tots | 

We started this tradition when Cailee was one. We go to the store as a family select a toy to donate and take Cailee to an official Toy For Tots drop off location to make our donation. Now that Cailee is older she loves selecting the toy herself. We explain to her that the toy is going to a child that may not be getting a toy this holiday. 

| Making salt dough hand print ornaments | 

This tradition was started on Cailee's first Christmas. I found the idea on Pinterest and loved it so much. It is so sweet to see how much her hand print changes from year to year. We also make enough to give to the special ladies in Cailee's life (grandma and her aunties). 

| Buying a special personalized ornament |

I kid you not before I had my daughter the idea of personalized ornaments made me cringe. I was the type that needed ornaments to match. Now I just love the idea of adding to our Christmas tree special ornaments that really reflect what has happened within our family in that year. 

| Christmas Eve cookies for Santa | 

My family always opened Christmas presents on midnight of Christmas Eve. I don't really remember what we did for cookies for Santa. So my hubby and I knew for sure that we wanted our children to experience leaving cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. Since Cailee is all about Santa now this is the first year we are doing it as a family! I am so excited for this new tradition :)

| Christmas Morning | 

This is a new tradition for our little family. I can hardly wait to see Cailee's face when she wakes up on Christmas morning to see that Santa came ate all the cookies and brought her some goodies! 

As our family grows I can't wait to see what new traditions we make over the years!

And if you haven't already embraced the fun and beauty of this holiday season, I shall leave you with some eye candy from Patience Brewster!


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