Nov 21, 2014

friday favorites {recent purchases}

It's finally Friday and to say I wasn't counting down to this day would be a big fat lie. Not that we have plans this weekend but knowing hubby is home all day Saturday and Sunday make me happy. Plus it makes my life a little bit easier knowing I can rest a little while he tends to Cailee. Being pregnant while taking care of a toddler is no joke I have no idea how other mommies with multiple kids do it. 

It feels like forever ever ago since I've done a Friday favorites post. So let's jump right to it shall we. This Friday I decided to share some of my favorite recent purchases for myself and the little one. Enjoy!

| one | 
Thanksgiving Books

 With Thanksgiving just around the corner (yes!!! can't wait to eat more stuffing!) these two new additions to Cailee's book collection have definitely gotten her into the holiday. Last year we bought her The Night Before Thanksgiving and while she loved being read to, she still didn't grasp the concept of the holiday. This year is a whole new ball game, add in her favorites Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious and we hit the jackpot. 

| two |
Winter Clothes

With the weather finally cooling down it is completely justifiable to purchase winter clothes. During our weekly Target run I found two pieces I just needed to have. The beanie is a color I normally wouldn't wear but it just called to me. Plus it was on sale at the time boo-yah! I also found this thermal with the cutest fox pattern for 40% off!

^^ Close up of the thermals print. See isn't it just too cute to pass up?!

| three |

I was in major need of a beauty pick me a few days ago so I decided to try out two new products. I have heard many great things about both of these items and so far I haven't been disappointed. The butter gloss in eclair by NYX is great and doesn't feel like your typical lip gloss. Goes on smoothly and doesn't feel like a ton of product on your lip and lasts very long! The blush in peach by NYX is a great color. It gives you just enough color without making it look like you have on a bunch of blush.


| four |
Clothes for the girls

Cailee and Charlotte just got their first pair of matching shirts!!! I promised myself I wouldn't go matching crazy with the girls and so far I have kept good with that promise. Seeing as how this is the first and only thing they have that matches :) I am sure all bets will be off during the holidays!

| five |
Christmas Goodies

I love Christmas but have absolutely no desire to rush past Thanksgiving (it's a holiday too...people!!!). However, that doesn't stop a grandma from buying some goodies for grandbabies! While visiting the Grove a few weeks ago we stopped into one of our favorites Pottery Barn Kids and the second we saw these Elf on the Shelf items, I knew we wouldn't be leaving empty handed. My mom bought her girls (even Charlotte!) some goodies!!! They are currently hiding in the kitchen waiting to make their debut on our annual Elf arrival breakfast!


Linking up with the ladies behind the 5 on Friday!

What are your plans for the weekend?! We will hopefully wrap up Cailee's big girl room and visit our fish friends at the mall :)


Nov 18, 2014

27 weeks

The last weekly pregnancy post I shared was at 24 weeks and your guess would be as good as mine as to what happened to 25 weeks and 26 weeks. What can you do?! This pregnant momma just got lazy.

This post will be just a tad bit different for two reasons. One I just got bored with the way I was documenting my info and two, this just feels more natural. 

According to one of my pregnancy apps (Baby Center) little Miss Charlotte Harper is the size of a head of cauliflower. Personally I feel like she is the size of a watermelon but that's just the pregnant woman talking. This pregnancy hasn't been a walk in the park but is absolutely no where near as bad as the stories I've heard from others so I can't really complain. However this pregnancy is starting to weigh on me. I found a picture of myself when I was pregnant with Cailee at 30 weeks and I swear I am just as big now at 27 weeks. I can only imagine how much bigger I will get in the weeks to come. 

Baby girl is happy, healthy, and she proves it to me on the daily with her lovely kicks. I am sure I have gained weight because when I get hungry I GET HUNGRY. Just a few days ago we had a mini thanksgiving feast just because.

Big Sister Cailee talks about Charlotte almost every day and says the sweetest things. Which makes me feel like things will be smooth sailing when baby girl does arrive. Wishful thinking?! maybe but I rather think on the positive side. 

We have started buying things for the little one but we are no where near being ready for her but at least she has a crib :) 

I'll leave you guys with something silly Cailee said today!! While I was making breakfast Cailee was sitting at the dining room table talking to me and said "Mommy I love you and I love Charlotte but I also love fruit snacks"! 

Ahh the mind of a 3 yr old at least we were first on the list :)


Nov 17, 2014

life lately

First of all I can't believe the last time I posted on my blog was in October!
My little family and I have been super busy and super lazy all at the same time (does that make sense?!). Every weekend has been filled with tons to do from working on Cailee's big girl room (which is seriously a second away from being done), birthday parties, and mandatory trips to the mall to visit our fish friends. 

So now it is time to play catch up on the blog with our life lately :)

Cailee has started dance class and boy is it a whole new experience for us. We tested out the trial class and it went better than expected. Parents are not allowed in the dance studio but are welcomed to watch behind the glass window. I walked Cailee right in and told her mommy wasn't allowed in but that I would be watching her and she simply said "okay mommy". That was that! I walked over to the hubby and started bawling my eyes out (blame it on the pregnancy hormones). So now she is 3 classes in and is enjoying it so much. She is still warming up to tap but she definitely loves the ballet and tumbling portion of the class. And get this at the end of the year they have a little show!! 

We had a much needed Disney date. That pretty much consisted of us getting there an hour before the park opened because I didn't check the park hours for the day. However that did make us first in line for the Haunted Mansion so it all worked out great. We enjoyed way to many sugary treats and did plenty of window shopping for holiday decorations. Seriously it took every ounce of self control I had to not buy all the Christmas merchandise they have.

We experienced our first dinning experience at the American Girl Cafe at the Grove for my niece's 6th birthday. It is something the girls won't be soon forgetting. My niece and my daughter were both gifted their American Girl dolls by my mom back in June and they are obsessed with them. The dining experience is every little girl's dream. Seriously lunch with your doll?!? what little girl wouldn't love that. It was a 4 course lunch that started off with cinnamon rolls (or how Cailee calls them "sticky bums") so right off the bat is was a treat for the girls. The food was pretty average but the whole experience is what your paying for and seeing as how the girls had a blast it was worth every penny.

We have had so much going on but I think these were definitely the highlights.


Oct 31, 2014

twenty-four weeks

This is the kind of picture you get when your kid is ready to go trick or treating!

Baby is about the size of a garden eggplant !!!

| how far along | 24 weeks and 6 days
gender | It's a GIRL !!!
weight gain | I am at 121 lbs which means I have gained a total of 7lbs. 
maternity clothes | Absolutely!!! I just scored two new maternity tops from Old Navy for a great price!!! During my first pregnancy I don't think I ever purchased any maternity tops but this time around I actually really love them. Not to mention they are so comfortable. (striped black top and wine colored top
stretch marks | Luckily no new ones have appeared but I've noticed my skin has been getting itchy. So I have been making sure to always put on my belly cream. 
belly button in or out | Still an innie but slowly starting to see it being pushed out.  
sleep | This time changed as really gotten me into a weird sleeping situation. I am already ready for bed at 7pm, we go to bed and then I wake at midnight wide awake. 
best moment of the week | On our regular weekly trip to Target Cailee kept asking me to buy things for Charlotte. It is so sweet how much she already loves and thinks about her sister. I can hardly wait for the two of them to meet. 
miss anything | I miss feeling sane. Hormones have been quite the b**** to me this week. Crying out of nowhere sucks lol!
movement | Yes and holy crap is she a strong little one. Sometimes she moves my whole belly and it totally freaks me out. 
cravings | I am totally over my Panera Bread obsession (for now at least) and now I am constantly craving pomegranate seeds they are so delicious and refreshing. 
looking forward to | More like not looking forward to my glucose test on Monday morning but I can't wait to get it over with. 


Oct 27, 2014

halloween decorations

Since Halloween is this week I thought today would be the best day to show you our Halloween decorations. 

There was so much we wanted to do but realistically we were a little on the lazy side and didn't want to spend on decorations when we have so much other stuff to buy for the house.

However we did decorate just a tad because Cailee absolutely adores "decowating", just like her mama. 

We dressed up our front window with cute little white ghost and festive orange lights. It is nothing fancy but sure does look fun at night :)

We scored this cute hanging witch from Pier Imports over the weekend for 50% off! She is actually supposed to be wrapped around a tree as if she crashed into it but our tree was too wide for that. Luckily she looks just as good on our gate :)

I made these cute hanging ghost(using this tutorial I found on Pinterest) and they sure do add a little somethin' somethin' to our walkway. The window is also dressed up in some festive lights :)

I tried carving pumpkins again this year but just like last year I was not happy with the results. I have come to terms that pumpkin carving and I just don't mix. I did have tons of thumb tacks that ended up being my favorite decorating weapon of choice this year. I absolutely love how the pumpkins look and I loved it even more because it was quick and easy. 

The door is dressed up with the deco mesh wreath I made earlier this month. Every time I see this little wreath it makes me smile. 

When you walk into the house you are greeted with my favorite "Halloween find" of last year. This banner I bought from Target last year is just so cute and I love that it is a modern take on the holiday. The pumpkins we picked up in our first pumpkin patch trip of the season are still going strong :)

Our mantle decorations were selected by the boss herself. She wanted pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins...oh and fake mice too :) The three tier light up pumpkins were an impulse buy from Target that I am glad we didn't return!

And there you have it all of our Halloween decorations :) 

Happy Monday!!!


Oct 24, 2014

twenty-three weeks

Baby is about the size of a bunch of grapes !!!

| how far along | 23 weeks and 6 days
gender | It's a GIRL !!!
weight gain | Still at 119lbs.
maternity clothes | Yes, I totally need to wear maternity bottoms because aside from those only my sweats fit. With shirts I can still mix in my non-maternity tops. 
stretch marks | No new ones have appeared woot woot !!!
belly button in or out | Still an innie but slowly starting to see it being pushed out.  
sleep | Sleep has been so-so. I find myself wanting and feeling a lot more comfortable sleeping on my right side. So I start off sleeping on my left side get uncomfortable and switch.
best moment of the week | Hearing my 3 yr old telling her daddy she is gonna help with her sister's diapers even the "gross" ones. 
miss anything | I am slowly starting to feel uncomfortable as in I feel like I am huge even though I am not really that big. Basically I feel like I have eaten a dozen steaks or something. 
movement | Yes, yes, and yes !!! Charlotte can sure move a lot. Sometimes they are gentle little movements and other times its like she is using me as a punching bag. 
cravings | Broccoli and cheddar soup from Panera is still at the top of my list!!!
looking forward to | Furniture shopping for Charlotte's nursery and big sister has her first dance class this weekend!!! 


Oct 17, 2014

twenty-two weeks

Because we were all sick in bed during while I was 21 weeks there is no documented proof so will just skip right along :) By the way I can't get over this photo of my 3 year old rocking her "baby bump" lol !!! I had no clue she did that until my hubby told me to check out the photos because they were beyond hilarious. 

Baby is about the size as an ear of corn !!!

| how far along | 22 weeks and 6 days
gender | It's a GIRL !!!
weight gain | The weight is starting to come on now and truth be told I am not surprised I have been craving tons of sweets. I am now at 119 lbs.  
maternity clothes | Yes !!! In the photo above I am wearing my maternity jeans from H&M. They are absolutely comfy and pretty darn stylish they go with everything. 
stretch marks | No new ones have appeared woot woot !!!
belly button in or out | Still an innie but slowly starting to see it being pushed out.  
sleep | Sleep has been going pretty good despite the middle of the night trips to the potty and waking up from bizarre dreams. 
best moment of the week | Not really pregnancy related but we are almost done with Cailee's big girl room makeover and she is loving it all so far which makes me the happiest momma ever. 
miss anything | I miss not feeling bloated and being able to do certain things. Like hang up Halloween decorations. We have some more ghosts to hang up outside and hubby is terrified of me doing that alone so gotta wait for him to get home to tackle that job.
movement | Yes, yes, and yes !!! Charlotte can sure move a lot. Sometimes they are gentle little movements and other times its like she is using me as a punching bag. 
cravings | Sweets!!! Ice cream, milkshakes, cookies, and broccoli and cheddar soup from Panera !!
looking forward to | Putting together Charlotte's nursery!!! 

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