Jul 10, 2014

healthy drinking

While I loved being on vacation I am absolutely paying for it now.
 I indulged in one too  many s'mores (which I don't regret one bit).
However my body is now craving needing some good dose of healthy.
Juicing is something I don't do everyday but when I do I enjoy it and feel great.

The second we got back from vacation I knew our grocery list would consist of lots and lots of fruits and veggies. 
I wanted to try a new juice so I went to my happy place "pinterest" and found quite the delicious recipe. 

I wish I could tell you where the original recipe came from but as luck would have it the second I went back to look for it the links I found lead me to just images. So after the fifth image of the drink I gave up and just put together my own image. 

Although I didn't create this recipe myself, I made sure to create an image that includes all you need to know for this recipe. 

So here ya go...The Miracle Cure Juice!!!

The juice is so yummy and will leave you feeling good :) 

p.s. If your like my sissy and like your drinks a little on the sweet side add one more apple :)


Jul 8, 2014

a farmers market boutique

While on vacation we attended the resorts farmers market and I was pleasantly surprised to come across a clothing pop up shop.
Seriously fresh fruits, vegetables, yummy foods, and fashionable clothing...what more do you need?!?!

Cali Couture is a pop up shop that caters to the San Diego county area specifically at Farmers Markets and different fairs around So Cal. 

The shop offers a full length mirror and a changing room for customers. 

And did I mention the clothes is amazing!!!

I couldn't resist getting myself a floral kimono and a pretty dress :) 

To see where they'll be next follow them on...

The next time I am in San Diego you'll know where to find me ;)

*This post is not sponsored I am simply just sharing something I found and think is pretty freakin cool*


Jul 7, 2014

i'm back...vacation recap

Our vacation is over and this momma is finally getting back into routine. I seriously can't believe I haven't blogged since my birthday but a vacation was just what I needed. 
And since I am still getting back into the swing of things I will share our vacation recap with my favorite photos.

We started off our vacation with snow cones...

Took photos during our walks to the pool...

Explored the splash pads...

Saw big beets at the Farmer's Market...

Walked thru the resorts vegetable garden...

Made playdough...

Made yummy s'mores...

Took selfies by the pool...

Made tie dye t-shirts...

Celebrated the 4th of July...

We had a great time but are so happy to be back at home :)


Jun 20, 2014

tell em that it's my birthday + (giveaway winner)

Today is my birthday woot woot!!!

I know this year will be one for the books :) 

These last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic hence my lack of posts but have no fear I have plenty to share. 

Let's play a little catch up shall we with my top 5 moments of the week :)

{one} Well it is my birthday today so that is by far my favorite thing about this week.
Totally random but I share a birthday with Lionel Richie and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (ya know mclovin from Superbad) boo-yah !!

{two} Cailee has not worn a diaper in two weeks y'all. This little lady is officially potty trained and we couldn't be prouder. I'll be sharing the fun details in another post because duh doesn't everyone want to know about potty training?!?!

{three} We went to Disneyland earlier in the week and the park wasn't crowded, the weather was great. Trust me those are two things to be excited about :)

{four} We went to Balboa Island in Newport Beach for Father's Day and fell in love. Such a cute little place and the houses are beyond beautiful but holy moly are they expensive. Let's just say if I hit the jackpot you know where to find me :) We missed out on the famous Balboa bars but did get some juices from Juice Crafters (so delicious definitely recommend I got some acai drink and the hubby got a blueberry drink).

{five} My first blog giveaway/collaboration with Freshly Picked has ended today :) and we have a winner entry #27 Cindy G.(I will be emailing you today) !!! Congrats to the lucky winner and a big thank you to everyone that entered. 

Now it's time for me to enjoy my special day (which is code for I hope baby naps soon so I can nap too) :)


Jun 11, 2014

7 ways to save on your wedding

With wedding season in full bloom I can't help to think about our special day.
When it came to our wedding we set a budget and ultimately went over it.
However we didn't spend our whole life savings on the wedding either. 
We knew the kind of wedding we wanted.
A celebration of our love with our family and friends.

We knew what we wanted and what we could afford. We also knew that we weren't going to stick to our "strict" budget but we planned for that(if that makes any sense at all).

This is how we saved money while planning our dream wedding...

|| one ||
use local vendors

If you can find a vendor you like that is local to your ceremony or reception site use them. 
We had met with a florist that was about an hour away from our wedding venue that wanted to charge a couple hundred just to deliver the flowers. When your about to spend a few thousand on flowers the last thing you want to do is spend even more just to get them delivered. We found a great florist only a few miles away from the venue location and ended up saving a tremendous amount without sacrificing on what we wanted. 

|| two ||
reuse floral arrangements 

You can save a fortune by reusing the same floral arrangements. We used the same arrangements for our ceremony for our reception and saved ourselves a good chunk of change. It allowed us to get the look we wanted for half the price. 

|| three ||
make your own invitations

This is no easy task and requires all lot of your time but is well worth it. There are many places to use as resources like Etsy and Paper Source. To see my post on how I made my invitations click here.

|| four ||
combo vendors

For our wedding reception we added up lighting thru our venue. Little did we know the man outsourced for the up lighting was also a terrific MC/dj. We met him(not even knowing who he was) at a special bridal show our venue was hosting and we approached him to ask about his MC/dj services. He asked us the date of our wedding and said I actually am working that day here with up lighting and that is when we realized he was our up lighting guy. Needless to say because of that he offered us a really good deal for all the services.  

|| five ||
shop around

I can't stress this enough!!! I encountered many vendors that tried to pressure me into making a decision on the spot with the classic lines "I have another couple interested in that date" and "we are booking up rapidly, don't wait to long". Sure these could all be true statements but typically it's a scare tactic so you feel the pressure and write a check. The hubby and I met with many vendors until we found the ones we truly liked and were reasonably affordable for us. 

|| six ||
wedding date/season

If you don't have a specific date in mind for your wedding be open to having the wedding on a Friday or during off season.  We didn't have a preference on date so when the venue coordinator suggested a Friday and mentioned we would be saving over $3000 we went with it. We also wanted to get married when it would be relatively cool out(March) which was also considered off season. The price difference between March and June/July was in the thousands. Plus we didn't want to be in the boiling heat, so March was perfect for us.

|| seven ||
get creative 

Our wedding favors also served as our seating assignments. Killing two birds with one stone and saving a little money. And our guest loved it so much. I have seen this done many times and you can really get creative with it. I feel like this is where your personalities can really be incorporated into the wedding. It also beats spending money on those seating assignments that will just be tossed out.

Wedding planning can be stressful at times but you must always remember to take it easy and go with the flow. You spend months even years planning and in just a few hours its all over. Enjoy the process and don't feel discouraged, things will work out the way they are supposed to if you take the time and really do your research. 

And most importantly it is a celebration of your love, the party is just icing on the cake.

Did you set a strict budget? Did you actually follow it? How did you save on your wedding?   

NC Belle In Boots

Don't forget your chance to win a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins on the blog (click here)!  xoxo

Jun 10, 2014

freshly picked giveaway

Cailee and I are so beyond thrilled about our collaboration with Freshly Picked.
I have been a fan of this amazing company since finding them on Instagram a few years ago. 
So you can imagine how excited we were when these beautiful moccasins were sent our way. 
I could go on and on about how amazing they are over at Freshly Picked but that could go on forever.

Because this is a goodie for the baby it was only appropriate to get her honest opinion of the moccasins...so here ya go :)

Mommy: "Cailee, Do you like your moccasins?"
Cailee: "Yes momma dey purple!!"

Mommy: "Are your moccasins comfy baby?"
Cailee: "No owie momma"

Mommy: "Cailee, Do you want more moccasins?"
Cailee: "More moxasins for meeeee!!!!"

Mommy: "Baby, Do you love your moccasins?"
Cailee: Hugs her moccasins and says "I wuv dem dey my favorite"

That my friends is a review toddler style!!!

I personally give the moccasins two thumbs up.
The attention to detail is present in every aspect from packaging to the fine stitching on the moccs themselves. 
They are incredibly soft and are so easy to put on a wiggling toddler.
Not to mention they are ridiculously durable and when your little plays as hard as mine does you need durable.
Plus they are just so stylish !!!

The baby is loving picking out outfits that will go with her moccs and I think she's nailed it!!

dress | moccs | headband (similar)

Freshly Picked make moccasins in so many beautiful colors you will seriously want to buy them all(I know I do...sorry hubby!!!).

To see their amazing collection of moccasins and carryalls click here.

And guess what everyone!!!

Freshly Picked is graciously giving away a pair of their moccasins to one lucky winner!!!
The winner gets to choose whichever color moccasins they'd like!
US residents only 
This post is sponsored by Freshly Picked all opinions are my own!

Good luck to you all :)


Jun 9, 2014

summer bucket list + free printable

I worked with Cailee to create her summer bucket list and boy are we excited to tackle it.

You see we have fun things ahead of us....

make chalk art
visit japanese garden
dollar movie days
frozen movie night
science museum

Whenever we accomplish a bucket list task Cailee gets to color it in. Double the fun!!
You know kind of like coloring by numbers except it's a fun summer activity.

You can join in on the fun too because I made a free printable version for you guys too :)

If your kiddo loves to color as much as mine does they are in for a treat :)

What's on your summer bucket list?