Apr 5, 2015

easter baskets 2015

I know by now you've probably seen about a hundred Easter baskets so please humor me while I share the girls' baskets today. 

Just like last year I was able to find a basket for Charlotte at discounted price from Joann Fabrics. I was even able to get it monogrammed super last minute (and by last minute I mean yesterday). 

I don't know about you guys but when it comes to Easter basket goodies I like to keep it pretty simple. 

For Cailee, I added a few things I know she loves like coloring books and bath bombs! I also added Disney Egg-stravaganza maps that are gonna come in handy later today when Cailee and I sneak off to Disneyland with auntie and cousin ;) 

For Charlotte, I added some much needed headbands (because I am tired of people asking if she is a girl or boy) and a toy I know she will love in a few weeks. 

Of course both girls got books to add to their collection and somewhat matching shirts (after all whats the point of having two girls if you can't buy them matching clothes)! 

Happy Easter


Apr 3, 2015

family of four

My friend Kacey was kind enough to snap a few photos of us as a new family of four. 
And at the sake of not bombarding you with a million photos I decided to share my favorites. 

Here we go...

And last but not least the photo of the little lady that turned us into a party of four...

I really can't wait to print these bad boys out and hang them up around the house.


Apr 1, 2015


Introducing our newest baby girl...

Charlotte Harper born on February 3rd at 7:24pm weighing 5lbs 5oz and 19 1/2 inches long. 

I really can't believe how long I've been away from blog world but I am back! 

Having to kiddos at home is no joke but I am really loving our new family dynamic. 

Now that I am back to blogging it is time to play a little catch up.

So glad to be back :)


Dec 31, 2014

Dec 26, 2014

our christmas

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Our Christmas time was divided between both our families and we had the best time.

On Christmas Eve we spent the night at my mom's house and Cailee was completely beside herself with all the gifts she received. Year after year I tell my family she really doesn't need that many toys but there is no stopping my Mom and Sister from spoiling the little ones. 

We got home just in time to bake some cookies for Santa, watch a little of How the Grinch stole Christmas, and read a few Christmas books. 

This was the best photo we could get, with our 3 yr old that just wanted to play with her cousins instead of taking photos with mommy and daddy!

Christmas morning at our home was pretty calm. My sister-in-law and her family came over to exchange gifts and see Cailee get her "big" gift! 

Our little girl is not a morning person so she was a tad bit grumpy. She absolutely adored the gifts Santa brought her, which was a singing Elsa doll and Elsa dress (I am pretty sure every little girl got the same gifts this year lol). 

The big gift from mommy and daddy was received with a little bit more caution. Cailee really didn't know what to think of her car. At first she was nervous about it and then on her first test drive she drove into a bush(which she thought was hilarious). She loves it and is also scared of it at the same time. 

Another Christmas is in the books.
Our last Christmas as a family of 3!!!


Dec 24, 2014

thirty-two weeks

Merry Christmas Eve!

I am 32 weeks and our baby girl Charlotte Harper is weighing as much as a jicama (have absolutely no clue what that even is)!!!

My bump is growing and the her due date is quickly approaching. I have tons of mixed emotions going on right now. There are moments when I think gosh I want her here already. Then the next moment I am freaking out because we seriously have nothing ready yet. Its almost laughable how we planned on getting her nursery done months ago and if you were to walk into her room today you would find a crib in need of assembly. 

We are clearly in denial of how much time we really have left. 

I see so many woman on Instagram that are pregnant and due around the same time as I am and they are pretty much 100% ready for their little ones to arrive. Every time I see a photo of their completed nurseries, washed baby clothes, packed up hospital bags, and assembled baby gear, I am reminded that we literally have nothing other than a crib for the baby. The strange part is I start making a mental list of everything we have to do and then the next day I think, "nope not today, I'll tackle that list tomorrow". Clearly procrastination mode is at its finest around these parts. 

I am pretty sure I have lost many of you with this ramble. 

Long story short I am 32 weeks now.
I am feeling good...most of the time. 
Sleep is blah some nights.
I am pretty much living in my maternity leggings.
Sweets are my weakness.
I refuse to look at the scale when I am weighed at my doctors appointments.
So happy to report no new stretch marks have surfaced.
My to do list is long.


Dec 22, 2014

the short lived adventures of tinsel

Our family elf Tinsel really dropped the ball this year. Luckily for him Cailee really didn't notice one bit! Although he didn't make many appearances, the appearances he did make were all well received. 

One day dear little Tinsel brought Cailee the supplies she needed for some fun holiday arts and crafts!

We successfully completed two Pinterest inspired crafts and they came out better than expected!!!
We loved them so much we made extras to give as gifts to all the woman Cailee loves most :)

Then Tinsel brought us a beautifully overpriced (that's what dear Tinsel gets for going last minute to the store) gingerbread house to decorate!

For Cailee decorating the gingerbread house was the highlight of all the fun things Tinsel brought!

Funny gingerbread story coming your way in five, four, three, two, one...

One day when I was in the middle of doing laundry I walk into the house and see Cailee run like a bat of hell away from the gingerbread house. My first instinct was to check the gingerbread house for missing candy. Of course it was in perfect condition. So I start touching the candy and found the top candy wet. So this can really only mean one thing our 3 year old had licked the candy. 
I walk over to Cailee and ask her straight out "Did you lick the gingerbread house?" she looks at me somewhat panicked and says "no".  She was clearly lying. So I decide to trick her so I ask "Was it yummy?" and she said "YEP!".

Caught in the act!!!

I seriously couldn't stop myself from bursting into laughter.

Gotta love 3 yr olds.