Thursday, April 10, 2014

disneyland egg stravaganza 2014

Last year I had heard about an Easter egg hunt at Disneyland but of course we had missed out on the dates so this year I made sure not to miss out on all the fun. 

We arrived to the park about a half an hour after it opened and went on the carousel of course. Because we clearly can't start a Disneyland mommy and Cailee day without a ride on "minimus". Yes Cailee pretty much calls any horse she sees Minimus (ya know like from Sofia the First). 

I'll admit I didn't really do my research on the egg hunt I figured we would just wing it how hard could it be right?We pretty much went on a hunt just to find the map alone. Well, no worries because I will share what I know to make it easier on you guys should you decided to join in on the fun too. 

What you need to know:
- The Egg Stravaganza 2014 is going on until April 20
- You can join in on the fun at Disneyland Park (in California), Disney California Adventure, and Epcot. 
- You can pick up the special maps at the following locations:
   Disney California Adventure park – Elias & Co., Oswald’s, Radiator Springs Curios,
   Rushin’ River Outfitters, Studio Store and Treasures in Paradise.
   Disneyland park – Disney Showcase, Fairy Tale Treasures, Gag Factory, Pieces of Eight     
   and Pooh Corner
   Epcot – Heritage Manor (American Adventure Pavilion), Disney Traders, International 
   Gateway, Pin Central and Port of Entry
- The special maps only cost $4.95 
- The hidden eggs are all around the park and they are big eggs (I completely thought they were tiny little eggs).
- The location of the eggs are on the map and you place the corresponding sticker on the map once you spot the egg. 
- When your done finding all the eggs you take the map back to the redemption location and you get a special little prize. 
- Apparently you don't really need to find the eggs because if you take your make to the redemption location they will give you a prize regardless. I personally thought that was a big joke because what fun is that?! 
- TRUST ME you will have fun :) 

This is the map for Disneyland... (egg stickers not pictured but they are behind the map on a separate sheet). They are very cute and are of different characters :)

Cailee and her finished map (don't worry I blocked out the eggs to avoid spoiling the fun). One lady saw us when we found our first hidden egg and she started telling us which eggs where at each location. I had to be as nice as possible to cut her off. She was so surprised I didn't want to know and I think she got a little offended but oh well we actually wanted to look for them ourselves ;) and so glad we did because every time we spotted a hidden egg Cailee would get so excited and say "we did it momma we found da egg". I would ask her to find the corresponding sticker and she had a blast. 

For a reference point this is how the eggs look. I had no clue so this would have been helpful for me at the starting point :) 

Cailee and her special prize :) 

This was a great experience and I highly recommend it for all ages.

So hop on over to a park today  :) haha get it hop!? 


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

hubby posted what

It is time for another round of the funniest link ups in the blog world Sh* Men Say! I am pretty much cheating because I am sharing with you something hubby posted on good ole Instagram! The hubby and I have a sense of humor that some do not understand but to us we are hilarious. Just combine Superbad +  Step Brothers + 21 & Over + Forgetting Sarah Marshall + Knocked Up and that's our sense of humor in a nutshell. When we first started dating we would pretty much quote Superbad and Step Brothers all the time. So it was no surprise to me that he would quote Superbad with photos he posted on his Instagram but then I saw the actual picture he posted it with and cracked up. 

Yep ^ that's my hubby for ya lol I am oh so proud. For those you wondering no I am not married to the iceman Val Kilmer that again is hubby being hubby :)

Voyage of the Mee Mee


Monday, April 7, 2014

make something new monday {veggie burger}

Last week with you that I was partaking in a 6 week meal plan. My first week went perfectly. I ate everything I was supposed to and felt great. I enjoyed trying the different recipes and learning exactly how much you are really supposed to eat throughout the day. After finsihing the whole week successfully I feel really confident in preparing my own meal plans :) All it took was a little push in the right direction. 

I tried my first ever veggie burger and loved it! This was by far the easiest meal to prepare. You don't really even need a recipe for it which is awesome :) 

Our entire meal consisted of a veggie burger (a little mustard on the bun and topped off with fresh avocado slices), mixed greens salad with a drizzle of fat free italian dressing, and sweet potato fries (seasoned with a dash of cajun seasoning). 

I cooked the veggie burger on a frying pan but I am positive it would taste just as amazing if not better by cooking it on a grill. 

So if your like me and are skeptical about veggie burgers don't be they are delicious !! 


Friday, April 4, 2014

toddler moments + friday loving

I have mentioned many times before that my two year old loves nail polish!!! She rarely ever sits still long enough for me to paint her nails and let them dry so we always end up taking the nail polish right off. However that hasn't stopped her love of nail polish. She has never thought to open any of the nail polishes until this week (gotta love toddlers right?!?!).

It was almost 5pm and I was starting to get dinner ready and Cailee was running from the kitchen to her room to her bathroom and back to the kitchen, when I hear Cailee scream out "Momma I paint my nails!!!!". I stop everything I am doing immediately and run to find her in her bathroom with her hands looking like this...

Yep...she managed to find the only nail polish in her bathroom (that I left in there a few weeks back) and decided to play some toddler version of nail salon. Needless to say I was a little on the angry side and she was beyond proud of her fancy red "nails". Lesson learned keep nail polishes out of the baby's sight at all times. 

So this weeks Friday favorites will be dedicated to my little nail polish expert ;)

Here are some of my favorite nail polish colors and designs...maybe I can get Cailee to paint my nails?!

| one |
Chevron and Glitter
 Pretty much anything with chevron on it gets a thumbs up in my book and add in glitter and its pure perfection. Not to mention the pretty pink shade !!

| two |
Hot Pink
I am a sucker for hot pink nail polish especially in the summer. There is something about the bright color that just screams fun.

| three |
Neutral Colors
On the off chance that I am not wearing some type of pink nail polish I love me some neutral colors. They pretty much go with any outfit and they are pretty win win!

| four |
This color is just so pretty. I swear it can be worn by any skin color !!

| light purple |
This color just screams spring to me! 

What is your "go to" nail polish color? and if your brave ;) please share your favorite toddler moment !!

Happy Friday People !! It's the weekend hip hip hooray !


Thursday, April 3, 2014

easter basket goodies

I for one cannot believe I already have Cailee's Easter basket goodies. Other years I have been super last minute (like the day before) with her Easter gifts but this year I am on top of it (insert the round of applause here please)!! Because Cailee already has so many toys I decided to keep it short and sweet. A little floral romper, sandals, some colorful chalk, and of course a book :) 

romper | sandals(similar) | chalk(similar) | book

And just because I always have to share a good deal when I come across while visiting Barnes and Noble I found the Fancy Nancy books and many others Buy 2 Get the 3rd Free!!!! The baby loves "Dancy Dancy" so it was a big win for us and I am hoarding the Night Before My Birthday for the baby's 3rd birthday in August!! 

Whats in your kiddos Easter basket this year?!

p.s. We are still searching for the perfect Easter basket?! I am thinking a dark wicker basket with white linen and monogram on it?! Has anyone seen anything of this sort !! If you have please let me know :)

Update on the basket search:
The "sales gods" were looking down on me the other day when I went to Joann Fabric and Craft store! The Easter baskets were 70% off !! I paid $8.17 for this adorable basket. The fabric lining comes off the basket easily which made it super easy to get it embroidered. Granted the embroidery cost $17 bucks (eek) the basket still came out cheaper than what its original full price would have been. So it is a major WIN in my book! 
{insert happy dance here please}


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

happy easter, mouse!

I love books so it is no real surprise to me that the baby also shares in this love for reading. We make it a point to read her a book before bed every night. Some nights she hustles us into reading a few books but we don't mind one bit. The other day it dawned on me to make  our story time a little more interactive for the little one and it was a big hit. The baby is currently loving Happy Easter, Mouse! so I took inspiration straight from the book. We had everything we needed (a bunny stuffed animal, Easter basket, and Easter eggs) on hand so it was a win win. In the book mouse is finding all these Easter eggs and wondering who is hiding them everywhere...when he finally finds bunny! 

Just like in the book I place the different colored eggs in the same locations as in the book and when we read the particular page we have Cailee go find the corresponding eggs with her basket. 


One page reads "Mouse spies a few blue eggs under the rocking chair..." 

So just like in the book I place 3 blue eggs under a chair and after we have read that line we tell Cailee to go "find the blue eggs under the chair"

The baby has so much fun finding the eggs. It is a major plus that she is having so much fun and also learning at the same time (colors and counting). 

Fun + Educational always gets a thumbs up in my book :)


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

happy first day of april

Happy first day of April
and that means Easter decorations are up!!!

This year I let the little one pick out the theme for our decorations and if you guessed "Easter Eggs" you guessed right! And being that they are so cheap it was a decision of hers I completely embraced. We had so much fun making the decorations together. 

The garland on the mantle was so quick and easy to make. It didn't hurt that my little helper would pass me along each egg and tell me "here momma is a buu egg". 
For the garland all you need is a bag of Easter eggs (we used two bags), and thread. 
How darling did it come out?! 


The baby's chalkboard was pretty simple this time around but hey when she saw it she jumped with joy and said the words every momma wants to hear "woah momma is beautiful". The garland was made with you guess it paint chips for Home Depot!! 

Our front door wreath is decorated with some left over Easter eggs :) I just reused the wreath we use for Christmas took the old ornaments off and replaced them with the colorful eggs. Many of our neighbors have complimented our wreath which makes me a happy camper :)

I can't wait to decorate real eggs with my little one this year :) I already have so many ideas which I am sure will be completely changed by a very artistic little girl that loves to draw happy faces on everything!