Sep 15, 2014

eighteen weeks

Baby is the size of a sweet potato !!!

| how far along | 18 weeks and 2 days
gender | We found out this morning and our keeping our lips sealed until our gender reveal party this weekend (I am the worse at keeping secrets so this should be an interesting few days). 
weight gain | My starting weight in this pregnancy was 114. I am no a whopping 115.  
maternity clothes | The heat is still out of control. My go to outfit these days are dresses but when I am at home I am living in sweats. 
stretch marks | No new ones have appeared woot woot !!!
belly button in or out | still an innie !
sleep | Our new mattress arrived and it feels like I am sleeping on a cloud. I have actually been getting a good nights sleep yay for me. 
best moment of the week | When Cailee runs over to my belly to give the baby a kiss. This happens often during the day but each time it makes me the happiest momma. 
miss anything | Seasonal beers. Right now all the fun flavored beers are coming out and it sucks I can't have one but trust me next year I am sampling them all :)
movement | Yes !!! Mostly at night when I am in bed relaxing. The movements are still not strong enough to be felt outside of the belly though. 
cravings | Sushi. Spicy tuna how I miss you my long lost friend. 
looking forward to | Our gender reveal party this weekend !!!! I can't wait to see what everyone's guesses are :)

I can't believe I am almost to the halfway mark of this pregnancy!


Sep 14, 2014

gender prediction fun

Since we are finding out the gender of our little one this week I decided to have a little fun with it. Why not try out those silly old wives tales right?!?!

Let's have some fun shall we...

This prediction is based on your Chinese lunar age at the time you got pregnant and the Chinese lunar month in which you conceived. 

According to this method I am having a boy !

This prediction is based on the movement of the momma-to-be's wedding ring. The momma  is to attach the wedding ring to a thread, lie on her back, and dangle the thread over her belly. If the ring moves in a back and forth motion it is a boy and if it moves in a circular motion it is a girl. 

According to this method I am having a girl !

This prediction is based on the baby's heart rate. If the heart rate is above 140 beats per minute it is a girl and if the heart rate is below 140 beats per minute it is a boy.

According to this method I am having a girl !

This prediction is based on your morning sickness (duh!) or lack of. If you are sick during your first trimester is an indication that you are having a girl and little or no morning sickness means you are having a boy. 

According to this method I am having a girl !

This prediction is based on the reaction that occurs when your urine (gross, I know!) and baking soda are combined. Basically you put a tablespoon or two of baking soda in a cup and then add some of your urine to the cup. If the combination fizzes your having a boy and if there is no reaction you're having a girl.

According to this method I am having a boy !

I am not sure how much I believe in these theories but I sure did have fun trying them out and can't wait to find out if we are having a Little Man or Little Lady !!!

And for the record both the hubby and Cailee think we are having a little lady !!!

Oh and did I mention we are having a little gender reveal party to announce the news to our families!!! I love any excuse to have a little celebration :)

What do you guys think...are we gonna have another little lady or a little man?


Sep 12, 2014

friday favorites

This week has gone by so insanely slow that I seriously can't believe it's finally Friday. 
Our week was pretty much spent at home we had a few outings but nothing fancy just your typical errands.
We are slowly but surely getting this house up to speed with it's much needed new paint job :) Hooray good bye beige walls hello fresh crisp new white and grey walls !!!

Here is a glimpse of what our week looked like...

Someone has become quiet the pro at mixing pancake and cake mix !!! Surprisingly it has been more helpful than I thought. Cailee mixes while I put away dishes and clean up. She has a blast and I get stuff done win and win. 

For your daily dose of Cailee's silliness...While she was mixing I told her "Your doing such great work babe" Cailee turned and looked at me and said "I work too hard momma". She had me laughing for a good five minutes. Yes my love you "work" too hard. 

So on to the good stuff my very random Friday favorites...

Thanks to the wonderful world that is Instagram I found the most delicious frozen greek yogurt novelty bars called Yasso. They are the perfect treat and I don't feel guilty about indulging in them. They are made with only natural ingredients and are only around 100 calories. I've only tried the sea salt caramel so far but I am sure the other flavors are just as amazing. I was able to find them at my local Walmart but according to their website you can find them at a ton of locations.

Four words: Thackery Binx Fan Club...need I say more?!?! Once again thank you Instagram. If it weren't for you I would have never found Huckleberry Threads and pre ordered the absolute best shirt ever made. I love Hocus Pocus so the second I saw this t-shirt I knew it would be in my closet asap. So be prepared for future posts of Cailee and I wearing our new favorite shirt. 

Ikea Ikea Ikea. We can't seem to quit you. When the hubby and I decided it was time to sell our condo and buy a bigger house we said, "no more Ikea furniture".  We wanted to be "real" adults and buy "real" furniture whatever that is. Somehow we can't seem to quit Ikea and guess what after our great finds yesterday it is safe to say we are stuck on you Ikea like white on rice.  We went with no real intention to purchase anything but browse around for ideas. Well, I found a table that would be perfect for our entry way and it was so cheap we decided hey why not we are already here lets take it. I always and I mean always love to check out their "as is" section and yesterday we struck gold(ahh I have a flare for the dramatic). Not only did we find our entry way table for almost $20 cheaper but we also found a new bed for Cailee(a bed I have been dreaming about for years) for about $70 cheaper. We walked out of the place like we had just won the super bowl haha. 

Friday I am so glad you are here but I am even happier because the hubby has all of next week off!

Linking up this week with the beautiful Amanda from Meet @ the Barre!

Happy Friday 


Sep 11, 2014

the heavens have spoken

I love chai tea lattes. Embarrassingly enough, before finding out I was pregnant I drank a venti chai tea latte from Starbucks almost every morning. I was addicted. However when I found out about my pregnancy I completely cut out caffeine (just like I did while pregnant with Cailee). I know a little caffeine won't hurt the baby here and there but it was my personal choice to cut it out of my life. 
Even though I cut it out of my diet I was still craving caffeine and it really sucked. 

Well yesterday I went to the market to buy some soy milk when I stumbled across this beauty...

and at that very moment I could have cried (pregnancy hormones are no joke). 

I had no clue Tazo even made this but now that I have found it I am never letting go. 

I couldn't get home quick enough to make myself this yummy little treat. My drink is equal parts decaf chai latte concentrate and whole milk and 100% delicious. 

In case your in search of this little gem I found it at my local Von's market :) 

Now you'll have to excuse me because I have to go back and buy every single one I can get my hands on, just kidding...maybe ;)


Sep 6, 2014

seventeen weeks

With all the hustle and bustle of last weeks big move I completely forgot to take my 16 weeks photo big oops. My belly from 15 to 16 weeks didn't change much so really didn't miss much there. However towards the end of my 16 weeks my belly sure did pop !!!

Baby is the size of a pomegranate  !!!

| how far along | 17 weeks
gender | Haven't found out yet and probably won't find out for about 2 or 3 weeks. The hubby is almost positive we are having another girl. I on the other hand have no clue or inkling as to what we are having. 
weight gain | My appetite has started to come back so I am pretty sure I have gained some weight. However we don't own a scale so I am not sure what the exact number is(which is probably a good thing right?!). I have a doctors appointment this week so hopefully I'll see my weight change there. 
maternity clothes | The weather is still ridiculously hot so I am still rocking the maxi skirts and dresses. I really need to get maternity leggings and jeans because heck a girl can only wear so many dresses. 
stretch marks | No new ones have appeared woot woot !!!
belly button in or out | still an innie !
sleep | So since we moved in to our new house the hubby and I have been sleeping on the floor in our bedroom. Long story short we forgot we threw out our mattress and when we went to purchase one they said it would take a week or so for delivery yay us. Surprisingly I have been able to get a good nights sleep on the floor but our new and pretty rad mattress arrives on Monday and I can't wait.
best moment of the week | Two days ago I felt the baby move for the first time and it was pretty damn awesome. 
miss anything | Coffee, coffee, coffee !!! This week I have been waking up so early and have had such busy days unpacking that it has had me missing coffee like crazy.
movement | Yes !!! Like I mentioned above I felt the baby move the other day. Nothing crazy but it was definitely the flutters of a baby.
cravings | I find myself wanting to eat ice cream and chips a lot. Obviously I give into my cravings but try to get the healthiest options when possible. 
looking forward to | Being completely settled into our home and hopefully finding out the gender soon !!!

Cailee is so ridiculously excited to be a big sister she asked to take a picture with the chalkboard too! She still maintains that the baby is a girl! She asks so many things about the baby that just make me giggle all day. Here are a few of the questions that run thru my 3 yr olds mind...

"Does the baby eat chips?!"
"Does the baby have a blanket?!"
"Where does the baby sleep?"

What do you think this baby is a girl or a boy ?!?!


Sep 5, 2014

bring on fall

I don't know about you but I am soooo ready for the hot summer weather to go away. I am dreaming of all things fall so I decided to put together some of my fall favorites. 

How delicious do these pumpkin spice puppy chow treats look?!?! The recipe seems easy enough and did I mention its pretty quick to whip these treats up!!! I totally plan on making these with Cailee to give to some of our family and friends to kick off fall. 

The other day I was in full blown pregnancy craving mode and all I could think of was pumpkin pie cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Well, that item is a seasonal item so this pregnant lady was left disappointed until I logged into Pinterest. I stumbled across this no-bake mini pumpkin cheesecake and will definitely be making these for dessert soon. 

I am a sucker for tissue garlands and when I saw this beauty on Studio Mucci's instagram feed I instantly fell in love. Seriously how pretty are the colors on the fall leaves tassel garland ?!!? I love that it is fall inspired but could easily be used for Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

This great pumpkin door hanger by Bronwyn Hanahan Art is just so darn cute. It is an item I swear I "need" for our front door. I am not sure how the hubby would feel about me spending $50 on a door decoration but from what I have heard they hold up so well (a potential selling point to use on hubby perhaps?). Be warned if you check out their etsy shop you will want every single item you see!

I love playing around with my photoshop to make new and fun holiday prints for our home but sometimes its nice to be able to sit back relax and print something. Here are 5 free printables perfect for fall and they are all equally as pretty. 

Hope this post puts you in the fall mood. 


Sep 4, 2014

our new home

We are all moved into our new home and we couldn't be more excited !!!!
I absolutely adored spending the summer at my mom's house but we really missed having a place to call our own. 
We have so many projects to tackle to make this home really ours. 
So for now I'll leave y'all with photos of how our home looked on moving day :)


Walkway to our Front Door

Opposite View of Walkway 

Front Door 

Entry Way 

Living Room


Dining Room Space


Office (different angle)


Nursery (different angle)

Cailee's Room

Cailee's Room (different angle)

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom (different angle)

Master Bathroom

Guest Bathroom

We have been living in our new home for a few days and have already visited Home Depot a least 5 times !! We have slowly started painting and still have so much painting to get done. If you saw the pictures above you'll notice the previous owners loved the cream/brown color combo. The hubby and I are more grey/white color combo people so we've got our hands full. I'll tell ya what though we have painted the hallway and entry way and already see such a difference. Makes me happy to see progress being made. 

Here is a glimpse of our new home to do list:
- Paint paint paint
(pretty much every single room is going to be painted)
- Update kitchen
- Update both bathrooms
(both these tasks will not be done right away)
- Revamp our front door
- Change landscaping in the walkway

What are some of the first things you do when you move into a new place?!?