Oct 17, 2014

twenty-two weeks

Because we were all sick in bed during while I was 21 weeks there is no documented proof so will just skip right along :) By the way I can't get over this photo of my 3 year old rocking her "baby bump" lol !!! I had no clue she did that until my hubby told me to check out the photos because they were beyond hilarious. 

Baby is about the size as an ear of corn !!!

| how far along | 22 weeks and 6 days
gender | It's a GIRL !!!
weight gain | The weight is starting to come on now and truth be told I am not surprised I have been craving tons of sweets. I am now at 119 lbs.  
maternity clothes | Yes !!! In the photo above I am wearing my maternity jeans from H&M. They are absolutely comfy and pretty darn stylish they go with everything. 
stretch marks | No new ones have appeared woot woot !!!
belly button in or out | Still an innie but slowly starting to see it being pushed out.  
sleep | Sleep has been going pretty good despite the middle of the night trips to the potty and waking up from bizarre dreams. 
best moment of the week | Not really pregnancy related but we are almost done with Cailee's big girl room makeover and she is loving it all so far which makes me the happiest momma ever. 
miss anything | I miss not feeling bloated and being able to do certain things. Like hang up Halloween decorations. We have some more ghosts to hang up outside and hubby is terrified of me doing that alone so gotta wait for him to get home to tackle that job.
movement | Yes, yes, and yes !!! Charlotte can sure move a lot. Sometimes they are gentle little movements and other times its like she is using me as a punching bag. 
cravings | Sweets!!! Ice cream, milkshakes, cookies, and broccoli and cheddar soup from Panera !!
looking forward to | Putting together Charlotte's nursery!!! 


Oct 16, 2014

cailee's big girl room inspiration

While figuring out what to do in Cailee's big girl room, our number one goal was to make it a space that truly reflects her personal style. All ideas had to be approved by the little boss!!! Luckily she is pretty darn easy to work with. We present our ideas to her and she says, "yes or no or even ewww". 

First up on the task was deciding a paint color for her new room. Since her old room was pink, gray, and white, we knew we wanted to go a different route with this room. We found our inspiration for the color at drum roll please.....Ikea. We saw this Lack side table in light green and just adored the color. Easy enough we had found our starting point. 

Cailee and I got right down to business deciding what she absolutely had to have in her room. She is just like her momma and needs to visually see it. So we put together this little vision board.

| one | Animal flower art prints from Ikea. We found them at Ikea in early September and can't seem to find them on their website anymore.
| two | Although Cailee agreed with the color choice the hubby and I made, when we went to match the color we weren't loving the green tone to it. So after searching in the green/blue shades we found the perfect color. Seafoam Pearl by Behr!!!
| three | Gold Hearts were a big must. After seeing them while Pinterest browsing with me, Cailee fell head over heels with gold hearts. 
| four | Princess bedding from Ikea...that's just a big duh!!! My big loves anything Princess so while shopping at Ikea she saw the bedding and asked me if we could buy it for her big girl bed. 
| five | Big girl bed.  You might have read the post I wrote back in September about finding this bed in Ikea's "as is" section. 

A must have I had was a reading area in her room. In Cailee's old room we had one shelf for her books so this time around I know I wanted to expand the books we had on display for her to read from. 
I found these two images on Pinterest and still haven't decided which route we will take but Cailee and I are both leaning towards the second photo (with the bench seating with storage underneath).

Which reading area is your favorite?!?!

We have so much to get done, can't wait to get to decorating.


Oct 14, 2014

operation bye bye blue room

The moment I've been waiting for since we moved into the new house is finally here. Operation bye bye blue room is in full swing and I couldn't be happier. 

Cailee really liked the blue room when we moved in because it is very similar to her big cousin's room. However I was not a big fan of it because the room always looked so dark. Don't get me wrong it was a very nice blue but not a color I pictured in my toddler's room. 

Once I got the "okay" from the boss Cailee to repaint the room, I got to brainstorming. 

This was going to be her official "big girl" room  and I wanted it to be a special space for her. Especially with the new baby coming I wanted to make sure I gave this room my complete attention before starting the nursery. 

This is a before photo of the room in all its blue glory!

As pretty as the blue is, it sure was a pain in the behind to paint over. 

After two coats of primer it was finally ready to go !!! 

Gotta love "real life" photos :)

Stay tuned for the grand reveal, which should be completed by this weekend hooray!!!


Oct 13, 2014

our weekend recap

It's been forever since I've updated my little blog and I wish I could say its been because we were extremely busy. Nope that wasn't the case at all. Since my last post, Cailee and the hubby both came down with colds and then I was hit with it as well. We have been stuck at home for almost two weeks and it sure made us stir crazy. 

This weekend we were all finally feeling better so we got ourselves out of pjs and went on many little adventures.

I use the term "adventures" very loosely. For most, what we did is basically just run regular old errands but after you've been stuck at home sick for two weeks our outing was like a much needed vacation :) 

Our first stop was at Old Navy where I scored some much needed maternity tops on sale!!! To make things that much sweeter this weekend they were running a promotion for every $25 you spent you got back a $20 "cash" coupon in return. I got about 4 shirts but these two shirts(maternity shirt and non maternity shirt) are my favorites. 

Our second stop was at Michael's for some crafting goodies. I recently came across deco mesh wreaths and I have become obsessed. Like I want to make one for every single holiday obsessed. After searching on Pinterest for some inspiration I decided it was time to try this project out for myself and I am pretty darn happy with the results. For $20 I made this Halloween wreath :) Everything I used was on sale!!! I am already mentally planning out my Thanksgiving and Christmas wreaths. If your curious these are a couple of the wreaths I found on Pinterest that I just absolutely love...thanksgiving inspiration and christmas inspiration.

Our final stop on our little adventure was to the mall of course. Our mall is both indoors and outdoors, we love walking around the outdoor area because of the koi and turtle pond :) It is Cailee's absolute favorite thing. While we walking around we decided to hop into Lush Cosmetics and my little 3 year old made her first lush purchase!!! I can't tell you how excited she was, it was the sweetest thing ever. She already loves bath time so this new way of taking a bath is just sprinkles on top for her. We carried her around the table let her smell the different bath bombs and she selected the pink bath bomb with the little flower detail. While I picked out the northern lights bath bomb, which I believe is from their Halloween collection. Cailee didn't waste any time to use her bath bomb and is already asking her dadda to go back and buy her some more bath bombs. Yup my 3 yr old is officially hooked on bath bombs hahaha. 

That was our fun and adventurous weekend! 

Now its time to tackle my chore list.


Oct 2, 2014

twenty weeks

Baby is the size of a banana !!!

| how far along | 20 weeks and 4 days
gender | It's a GIRL !!!
weight gain | Last time I checked (weeks ago) I had gained 1lb. I have a doctors appointment next week so will see then. 
maternity clothes | Yes !!! In the photo above I am wearing my maternity leggings from H&M. They are absolutely comfy. 
stretch marks | No new ones have appeared woot woot !!!
belly button in or out | Still an innie but slowly starting to see it being pushed out.  
sleep | Sleep has been interrupted this week not because of my pregnancy but a sick toddler :( 
best moment of the week | Revealing our daughter's name !!! The newest member of our family is Charlotte Harper. We have had this named picked out since we were deciding on baby names back in January of 2011. 
miss anything | Sleeping on my stomach and coffee.
movement | Yes !!! The hubby was finally able to feel her kick too. She is such a strong little lady.
cravings | Chili cheese fries and candy. 
looking forward to | Finally tackling Cailee's bedroom makeover !!!


Oct 1, 2014

pumpkin patch

Our "Thackery Binx Fan Club" t-shirts came in this week and they were the perfect shirts to kickoff our Halloween adventures at the pumpkin patch. 

For the record before having kiddos I thought "matching" with your little one was a little lame but now I can't help but want to match with her whenever I can. Cailee thinks its pretty awesome too.

I was impressed and terrified that my little 3 yr old was climbing up and down the huge hay stacks like it was no ones business. She would climb up all the way to the very top and raise both her arms in the air with excitement. 

If she could she would have made us buy every single pumpkin in sight but she settled with just picking  every single pumpkin up for a photo :)

How pretty do all these look?!!?

I am almost positive this was our first of many trips to the pumpkin patch. 

It's October 1st so it means decorating for one of the best holidays ever !! 

When do you start decorating for Halloween?!? 


Sep 30, 2014

mickey's halloween party fun + tips

This past weekend we attended Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland and had the best time ever. This was our second time attending at the experience was so different in a good way. The first time we went Cailee was a year old and we dressed up as characters from Peter Pan. Cailee was "Nana", I was "Wendy" and the hubby was "John". Cailee had fun but didn't really understand the concept of Halloween and trick or treating. 

However, this year was a whole different ball game. Cailee knew exactly what was going on and soaked it all in. The hubby and I didn't dress up this year but Cailee went as Anna from Frozen and my niece and sister dressed up as Elsa and Olaf. 

I did manage to find this beyond cute "our lil pumpkin" pumpkin minnie inspired maternity t-shirt at Baby Talk Designs on Etsy. So at least my baby bump was well dressed :)

I really can't get enough of Disneyland during Halloween time. The attention to detail in the decorations is amazing and so beautiful. 

Now for my tips on how to make the most of Mickey's Halloween Party...

| one | The reason I love this event is because it is a great way to visit Disneyland at a discounted price. I have an annual pass but the hubby does not so this is a great way for us to visit the park and save. The tickets range from price but are still way cheaper than a one day pass. *annual pass holders still have to purchase a separate ticket for this event*

| two | With the Mickey's Halloween Party ticket you may enter the park 3 hours before the event start time. I highly recommend doing so because you get to enjoy more of the park :) 

| three | Toontown has a pre-party that starts 30 minutes before the actual event start time. It is a great way to kick off the festivities and get more candy.

| four | For the candy lovers...when you arrive for the event Disneyland cast members will hand you a bag for trick or treating. These bags are free but very small. Because there are so many trick or treating stations your bag will seriously fill up after hitting up just about 6 stations. I recommend that if you really want to go home with tons of candy you take a separate bag. We take our Disney reusable totes.

| five | Watch the special parade and firework shows. They both are special just for this event. For both shows we did not have to seat around and wait. A good ten minutes before the shows started we were able to find seats. For the firework make sure to have a great view of the left side of the castle. The fireworks are shot out from the far left of the castle. We sat in main street and had a big tree block a good portion of it but we still saw what was going on. 

| six | Enjoy every second of the Halloween magic only Disneyland can provide.

Hope you find this helpful :)